Anderson is a company dedicated to enhancing the organizational effectiveness of their clients through human resource processes which are based on their Pillars of Performance, or the ‘Anderson Way’:

  • To deliver Performance Solutions that engage people within an organization to strive for increased
  • To provide solutions that integrate established HR processes and broaden potential.
  • To ensure outstanding quality assurance and customer service.

They offer a full range of training programs in 20 international locations to provide their clients with skills and tools to meet the challenging demands of today’s fast-paced business environment. Anderson provides the people development needs for leading organizations to enable transformational growth and sustainability. They are experts in providing knowledge transfer solutions, supporting organizations with innovative human capital strategies, and utilizing leading academic and industry experts. They design, develop and deliver public and in-house development programs, incorporating the latest cutting-edge ideas, techniques, and technology.

They provide a wide range of learning and skills development through high-quality, engaging face-to-face and tailor-made training. Using innovative, creative, and leading-edge methods, they develop your human resource capital.

This team of leading professional experts can conduct a thorough needs assessment to determine the best approach to developing your solutions. Depending on a company’s or individual’s needs, they can either deliver existing programs or create a customized offer to meet your specific targets and learning objectives.

Primary methods:

  • Open/public training and development programs
  •  In-house development and consultancy services. Their In-house services are further broken down into two streams: Anderson Synergy and Anderson Gold.

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