AstroLabs is a capability-building company developing the digital ecosystem of the MENA region.


The astrolabe inspires AstroLabs; an ancient instrument used to navigate by the stars. It illustrates a concept central to entrepreneurial success: the ability to see beyond what is right in front of you. Since 2013, their Academy has upskilled thousands of alums and partnered with the largest organizations in the region to enable their digital transformations. From broad-scale enterprise training to managed incubators and accelerators, we design and deploy custom programs for corporates, universities, and government entities.

AstroLabs is growing the innovation economy in the region by supporting hundreds of global ventures and entrepreneurs with local business licensing and coworking at our collaborative spaces in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Their diverse AstroLabs team members come from all around the world. Collectively they possess a wealth of knowledge, skills, and expertise in a wide variety of industries.

AstroLabs Academy is a training program that leads to a tangible impact. Every component of their process, from program design to delivery, prioritizes that objective. And provides world-class upskilling courses, managed incubators, accelerators, and customized physical and virtual programs to support large organizations through their digital transformation journeys.

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