Canadian University Dubai (CUD) opened its doors in 2006 to bring the world-class Canadian education system to the dynamic city of Dubai. As a pioneering initiative, CUD was created to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to UAE society. And has its foundations in a partnership between Centennial College and Athabasca University. These two Canadian institutions set out to unite these distant lands through the shared vision of excellence in education. Building on these early foundations, University Chancellor, Mr. Buti Saeed Al Gandhi, and President Prof. Karim Chelli came together to establish Canadian University Dubai.

Throughout its history, CUD has built a strong network of Canadian partners, including some of the country’s most renowned and respected higher education institutions. Alongside these Canadian alliances, CUD has extended its international reach through collaborations with universities across five continents. It has entered the next exciting phase in our institution’s history. We have successfully opened our doors to the expanded state-of-the-art campus in Dubai’s iconic City Walk district, allowing us to grow our student community, diversify our academic offerings, and expand our quality learning and recreational facilities.

Canadian University Dubai has established numerous partnerships with private and public-sector organizations from across the UAE and international corporations with an established presence in the country. These partnerships result from collaboration, complementary interests, and shared goals and have helped bring mutual benefit to the University and its partner organizations. CUD offers expertise and harnesses our resources as an institution of higher education to support the strategic objectives of our associates and collaborators.

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