Their training courses will show you how to use Excel better, faster, and more efficiently. You will learn how to save time, access new features, and work confidently. Our teaching methods ensure maximum comprehension in the shortest possible time. We provide a dynamic learning environment with many practical hands-on exercises and real-world examples.

Excel Prodigy is a leading corporate excel training company in India craving to build expertise through our training solutions. We work with businesses and individuals who need practical Microsoft Office training at particular & affordable pricing per your budget. We provide tailored training sessions for corporate clients as per their needs. Their Popular Training Courses; Nested IF & Logical Functions, Pivot: Analyzing & Summarizing Data, Dashboard / Table / Protection, Data Cleansing Tricks, Advanced VLookup/ Index-Match, Slicer/ Sparklines/ What If Analysis, and Absolute/ Mixed References.

Excel VBA Macro
• Understanding VBA Terminologies
• Button click & Call procedures
• Using Conditional Structures & Loops
• Error Debugging Techniques
• Programming Automatic Events
• User Defined Formulas (UDF)
• Creating Interactive UserForm
• Advanced PowerPoint
• Modifying PowerPoint Environment
• Creating Custom Themes
• User Defined Slide Layouts
• Graphical Elements & SmartArt
• Working with Media & Animations
• Triggers, Hyperlinks & Action Button
• Creating Auto-run Presentation

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