Kaplan Professional ME is a leading provider of complete training solutions for leadership, professional development, and certification programs. It uses simulations and diagnostics; its training solutions take a balanced approach that blends behavioral assurance with technical proficiency. They are a leader in boosting educational access and innovative teaching methods. Because of this, they have been even more motivated to pioneer digital learning.


When Stanley Kaplan launched his first tutoring school at 18, it was in a basement in Brooklyn, New York, more than 80 years ago. Since then, we have grown to be one of the most prominent educators in the world. By heeding his calling, he created a pathway for millions of others to do the same. Kaplan still works hard to provide access to education because he still thinks that information can improve people, families, lives, and communities. We have never deviated from that goal. Serving tens of thousands of clients worldwide, including governments, educators, professional associations, and corporations, Kaplan offers a wide range of solutions and has limitless capacity. It assists businesses looking to upskill their workforces, better serve their clients, boost staff productivity, or improve overall productivity and operational effectiveness.

They continually reenergize their activities and encourage investments to strengthen an already strong regional presence in the UAE and KSA. They are dedicated to inventing and providing individualized and region-specific solutions, and a fantastic staff and a worldwide infrastructure of systems, skills, and passion support them. They developed their programs with and for you, are available anywhere, and are accredited locally.

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