LearnUpon has always been fueled by its devoted users, devoted clients, and effective products. But every great tale must begin somewhere—one effective method for managing, delivering, and tracking your training. Learn Upon LMS is the answer to centralizing and streamlining training management throughout your business. It has everything you need to provide high-impact training that stimulates business success.


What would a story be without the notable highlights that LearnUpon has experienced over the years? Every level has its champions, and our staff members deserve this honor! LearnUpon LMS wouldn’t exist today without their perseverance, devotion, and hard work.

In August 2013, Brendan and Des hired their first worker. They reached 100 employees in July 2019, and now they have just over 270 people working for them worldwide. However, their crew is still expanding. Simply take a peek at the numerous job options or discover what it’s like to work at LearnUpon.

At LearnUpon, they’re trying to revolutionize corporate learning. Since day one, the founders, Brendan and Des, have focused on building something bigger and better. Now, almost a decade later, with a powerful platform and passionate people, LearnUpon is helping businesses worldwide unlock learning as their number one competitive advantage.

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