RRC Middle East is a subsidiary of the Dubai-based RRC International group of enterprises (United Arab Emirates). RRC International, the group’s parent business, is in London (United Kingdom). RRC International, also known as The Rapid Results College Ltd., has assisted millions worldwide in obtaining professional, academic, and vocational credentials since it was founded in 1928.

RRC is the UK’s leading international health & safety and environmental management qualification training provider. The RRC has over 90 years of experience delivering high-quality professional training, with a clear focus on our customers’ needs and the quality of what we do. And has established training centers in the UK, Dubai, Georgia, and Tunisia, along with a global network of partners, expanding the reach of RRC’s training and consultancy services. The expertise in HSE developed over the last 45 years of their history also allows them to work with organizations, developing and delivering innovative bespoke training solutions that help improve their customers’ HSE performance.

No two businesses are the same. That’s why their Health & Safety and Environmental Management training and consultancy services are tailored to suit their corporate clients’ specific needs. They have offices and partners in over 20 countries and a team of over 50 specialists, HSE trainers, experts, and consultants, and they can support you almost anywhere in the world.

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