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David H. Sandler, Founder of Sandler Selling System, 1966 was a year. That had just made 87 calls in outside sales before receiving 87 straight noes. Then become tired of the customary zealous presentations and aggressive closing techniques. Both their fit and their effectiveness needed to be corrected. He decided to take charge of the sales call, his performance, and his career. The ensuing Sandler Selling System has emerged as the most well-liked, practical, and successful method of selling.


Sales Training, In 1967, David Sandler realized that the traditional sales model was broken. Feature and benefit selling, discounting, and high-pressure tactics had led to a downward spiral, and salespeople were one of the most hated professions with lawyers and politicians. They deserved better. Prospects deserved better. And he set out to design a better methodology based on behavioral psychology that worked for both parties. He developed the Sandler Selling System because he believed:

  • Salespeople are professionals and deserve respect.
  • The prospect must qualify for the salesperson’s time.
  • Salespeople must follow a repeatable and scalable system.

Leadership Training, Sandler also found that leadership and sales management was often impossible task. Sales leaders were being asked to do the most challenging job, grow revenue to support the rest of the organization, without any support, tools, or training. Sandler’s training enables sales leaders to establish a management framework built on productive behavior, collaboration, and accountability.

  • You can only manage what you can control. Manage behavior, not results.
  • Lead the team, and motivate individuals. People will work harder for their reasons than yours.
  • You must use a playbook for success. Coach, train, and mentor others to execute the process.

Success, Sandler quickly realized that salespeople and leaders needed more than sales scripts and tactics to be successful. People, left to their own devices, will default to their comfort zone, fall victim to their fears, and the new system will fail to take hold. To get people to implement the communication principles he was teaching, they needed the correct:

  • Attitude: a supportive belief in themselves, their company, and the marketplace.
  • Behavior: the goals, plans, and clear actions to take on a short- and long-term basis.
  • Technique: the strategies, tactics, and personal presence to execute the system.

Reinforcement, David Sandler was a true visionary, focused on creating a substantive change and lasting success for our clients. His final breakthrough came when he discovered that awareness of these new philosophies was not enough to produce positive results and ROI. He wrote a best-selling book. You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar because he found that: Awareness and knowledge are not enough. You can’t get better by listening to other people talk about something. You MUST apply and practice your new skills to see results! Lasting results and permanent change come from long-term reinforcement.

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