Knowles Training Institute in UAE

Knowles Training Institute Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and U.A.E. is a World-class training & development solution. They have specialized in assisting their clients in identifying people, processes, and problems that hinder their organizations from achieving optimal results. They evaluate, design, develop and deliver training programs that solve these problems through various learning solutions.

Working in a home office requires a unique set of skills. Teleworkers or virtual employees have additional challenges created by not being in a centralized office. Communication issues alone make it challenging, and recognizing these challenges will help your participants become great teleworkers.

Through their live virtual talks, your employees will see a significant improvement in their performance and well-being. Being a teleworker does have the advantages of flexible schedules, no commute, and saving the company money. Your participants will establish the additional skills needed to be successful in their work-from-home environment.

Zoc technologies

Among the most prominent independent I.T. And career training organizations in India and the United States. Over a decade, we have pioneered many first with our I.T. Training and Career Development Courses Helping Our Customer Maintain a competitive advantage in Rescaling and Upscaling Workforce to keep relevant continuity to accelerate the choices of Training.

Zabeel International Institute

A leader in Professional Training and Management consulting. The commitment to creating intelligent solutions and delivering extraordinary training courses empowers companies to perform above their potential. Their training programs aim to provide the employees with proper guidance on optimizing the employer’s resources for better results in their familiar working environment.

NADIA Training Institute

It pioneered institutional training services in the Middle East with professional development courses that grow individual skills and enhance performance and Corporate Training courses that improve the capabilities of organisations. Forty years later, NADIA has successfully built thousands of careers and developed corporate skill sets with its world-class Training.

Eatimad Training Institute
One of the most prestigious, privately-owned training institutions in the MENA region with its headquarters in Dubai, Eatimad Institute employs a team of industry-qualified trainers in the MENA region to deliver Training to clients internationally. For several years Eatimad Training Institute has been successfully offering Training and consultancy services for corporates and healthcare facilities across the G.C.C. Eatimad has been offering services for clients from diverse industries ranging from healthcare to real estate, construction, media, telecommunication, transportation, and many more.

U.V. Consultants

They are focused on providing ‘Unique Value’ to their customers, offering Customised Training Solutions and focused coaching to individuals and Corporates. These programs are designed to improve specific organisational performance outcomes by picking the right metrics to create lasting value for them. A value proposition where company training needs and expectations are met and return on investment is assured.

Atton Institute

This Institute provides certified professional courses and training for staff and business owners. With the increasing competition and global oversupply of goods and services, professional qualifications for staff members have the same or even greater value than the product or service itself. This Institute’s corporate courses and Training in Dubai and other Emirates of the U.A.E. as well as abroad deliver fast results and advance the professional performance of staff, company management and business owners.


They believe in the power of language and cultural understanding to drive human progress. Where they offer the fastest, most effective way to learn a new language – with the cultural knowledge to get the most out of these new skills, they take the experience they’ve gained over the last 140+ years to give you the language skills, cultural understanding, and confidence to open a world full of new opportunities and enriching experiences.

Penta Training

A soft skills training provider specializes in various training programs to improve your company or enterprise’s efficiency. As one of the most cost-effective training providers in the Middle East, you will see your workforce quickly and efficiently learning what they need to know to be better, faster, and more profitable.

Kaplan Professional ME

It is a leading provider of end-to-end training solutions for certification programs, leadership, and professional development. Their training solutions follow a balanced approach that combines technical competence and behavioural confidence, guided by diagnostics and simulations. Being one of the world’s largest and most diverse education providers, they are a beacon for expanding educational access and instructional innovation. It has further driven them to become early leaders in digital learning.

Ace it

Ace it Training, a Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai-affiliated educational centre for management studies and languages combines the passion for knowledge and ideas you would expect of a world-class training provider. And their goal is to continuously improve organisational skills in facilitating an efficient training environment by implementing well-thought-out strategies in management education.

N.L.P. Limited

N.L.P. Limited is a globally ranked Strategy and Design company in Corporate Training Programs. Global companies rely on them to achieve their goals with their Sales & Strategy Training, Customer Engagement and Experience Programs, Communication, Negotiation, and Business Relationship Building. And when you work with them, you’ll join hundreds of successful companies from all over the world who have benefitted from their top-notch and innovative Human Capacity Development solutions.

Elegant Training

Elegant Professional and Management Development is a leading training centre in Dubai, U.A.E. We specialise in affordable and effective face-to-face Training in various courses to meet the needs of today’s business. Their Training is stretching, motivating, and tailored to the individual learner. They’ll develop and deliver training courses for organisations across all sectors.


It is a capability-building company developing the digital ecosystem of the MENA region. These Academy has upskilled thousands of alums and partnered with large organization signs in the region to enable their digital transformations. From broad-scale enterprise training to managed incubators and accelerators, we design and deploy custom programs for corporates, universities, and government entities.

AstroLabs is growing the innovation economy in the region by supporting hundreds of global ventures and entrepreneurs with local business licensing and coworking at our network of collaborative spaces in the U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia.

Laurels Training

As a leading training centre in Dubai, they aim to meet the business Training and consulting needs of all individuals and organisations, which is why we designed a suite of short courses that can provide quality education and solutions to participants. Their mission is to equip businesses and professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to further one’s career goals and help a team achieve their business objectives. Whether you are a professional looking to level your industry knowledge or a company trying to empower the staff to unlock their potential, we have the right course and workshop to meet your requirements.


They are a team of highly efficient, professional, and dedicated corporate trainers who work towards nurturing and spreading knowledge to those who may need stimulation and understanding for every facet of life. They aim to foster transformation in individuals by unlocking limitless possibilities, impacting behavioral change, and to expand organizations’s productivity meticulously. And they provide one-to-one training solutions for every employee.

GLOMACS Training

GLOMACS Training and Consultancy was established in 2003 and has been operating regionally and internationally since its inception. Inspired by world-class Training and professional development, the founders of GLOMACS are passionate about delivering training courses of the highest educational and professional standards. GLOMACS training courses have been designed to provide business professionals with the skills they need to develop competency, improve performance, and drive business success.

Canadian University

They aim to ensure that learning is a lifelong experience. The corporate training team’s mission is to develop the region’s human capital through relevant, accessible, and demand-driven Training and consulting solutions that respond to the changing needs of the global business community.

Speak English Institute

At Speak English Institute, they’ll help people improve their communication skills in English. Since 2013, they have helped over 6,000 students become confident speaking English! Their mission is to provide a safe and trustworthy environment for students to learn English. And they believe that if their students enjoy coming to class to learn with experienced and friendly teachers, they will learn and develop their skills more quickly.


Eminent is an established corporate training institute based in Dubai, providing best-in-class training courses in U.A.E. and the Middle East region for the past 28 years. We have been entrusted by individual professionals and small and large organizations to train for various personal development, legal, and management programs. Our highly skilled subject matter experts prepare every participant to be more competent and accomplished and be the best of current industry standards.

Eton Institute

Eton Institute is the only EAQUALS-accredited language school in the U.A.E. with locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and online. They ensure you get the most out of your language learning journey with qualified teachers, modern course design, and a state-of-the-art learning platform. And to deliver best-in-class language learning solutions leveraging qualified instructors and the latest technology.

R.R.C. International

R.R.C. Middle East is part of the R.R.C. International group of companies based in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). The group’s parent company, R.R.C. International, is based in London (United Kingdom). Since R.R.C.’s establishment in 1928, R.R.C. International, better known to many as The Rapid Results College Ltd, has helped millions of individuals all over the world achieve professional, educational, and vocational qualifications.

Emirates Driving Institute

Emirates Driving Institute Emirates Driving Institute is the largest and the most successful Driving Institute in Dubai and the Middle East and has been in operation since 1991. It is a part of the renowned Belhasa Group. Their mission is to improve and enhance safety on the road by providing motor driving training service that complies with the highest international standards & best practices.

Aptech Computer Training

Aptech Computer Training is among the leaders in career education in the U.A.E. and provides ministry-approved certificate courses. The company focuses on career development for students and working professionals. In addition, Aptech also offers various training services to large companies to help develop the skills of their employees. New trends and technologies like Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), cloud computing, mobile applications, Multimedia courses, Social media and Data analytics are increasing job opportunities in the I.T. & I.C.T. industry. Aptech Computer Training, through its systems and curriculum, ensures that you are at par with global standards.


ATLAS GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS is the best private institution in U.A.E., providing students with various opportunities to advance their education and opening doors for successful employment. The distinguished Atlas Group of Institutions was established in 1998 and bloomed over four emirates. Their primary focus is on teaching through practical application.


Their mission is to revolutionise corporate learning. Since day one, their founders, Brendan and Des, have focused on building something bigger and better. Now, almost a decade later, with a powerful platform and passionate people, LearnUpon is helping businesses worldwide unlock learning as their number one competitive advantage.


PhoenixFT was founded in 2006 and since then has become a leading provider of professional accountancy and finance qualifications throughout the Middle East and India, as well as providing a range of bespoke finance courses to a wide and varied portfolio of corporate clients.

Headquartered in the Dubai International Financial Centre, PhoenixFT has physical operations in Oman and India and an ever-growing, digital learning global presence.

Spoton Institute

They have proven their command over many courses, and their trainers have an in-depth understanding that will help you to realise your dreams quickly. Their mission is to impact skill to every individual and make them exceptional personnel, ensure the selection of the right talent, and boost confidence for handling real-industry issues and implementing new applications according to the businesses’ or clients’ requirements.

Amour Training Institute

Amour Training Institute has its foundations in education, providing all-inclusive professional training services in Dubai. Conceptualized and launched in 2007, the Institute is a leader in education benchmarked by its provision of academic, corporate, and language courses. They also provide specific college admission guidance for students who wish to study abroad, including assistance in university selection, course selection, visa services, preparation for Admission Tests, and S.O.P. writing.

Lingua Learn

They are an established provider of language solutions; our management team has the experience that spans over 50 years in the education sector. They aim to provide affordable teaching and learning for all industries globally. Lingua Learn’s mission is to make learning accessible to all, so we have made their prices affordable for casual learners and those who want to become highly proficient.

Excel Prodigy

Excel Prodigy is a leading corporate excel training company in India craving to build expertise through our training solutions. We work with businesses and individuals who need practical Microsoft Office training at unique & affordable pricing as per your budget. We provide tailored training sessions for corporate clients as per their needs.

Quadra Plus

By leveraging technology, they aim to empower our learners through scalable, affordable, high-quality education. They regularly explore and update their programs with emerging practices and prepare you to be fit in a modern workplace that is constantly in a state of flux. They consider it a privilege to nurture in you a sense of self-confidence, capability, and self-esteem by new skilling, upskilling, and reskilling.

Anderson Executive Development Center

Anderson has asserted international competence in devising professional learning programs for many corporate entities and organizations worldwide. With over 15 years of experience, they undertake an uncompromising commitment to adhere to the specificities of the most elaborate training parameters and constantly evolving training prerequisites to ensure the best learning experience, achieve the desired outcomes, and support organizational transformations.


Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng founded Coursera in 2012 to provide life-transforming learning experiences to learners worldwide. Today, Coursera is a global online learning platform that offers anyone, anywhere, access to online courses and degrees from leading universities and companies. Coursera received B Corp certification in February 2021, which means they have a legal duty to our shareholders to positively impact society more broadly as we continue to reduce barriers to a world-class education for all.


Since 2001, they have enhanced the knowledge, skills, and behavior of over 160,000 professionals, either through our internationally recognized portfolio of professional qualifications (awarded in association with Alliance Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester) or through accredited in-company Training. They aim to inspire, educate, and enable the international compliance community to think more, perform better and help the right business to be conducted correctly.


Brainnest offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization. Since opening our doors in 2020, they’re proud to say they have a giant list of returning and new clients. They’re Brainnest, and they can’t wait to start working together. They’re eager to map out the needs of your business and provide the necessary tools to achieve a successful future.

Sandler learning

The Sandler learning experience is a belief system, not a one-time event. Learners embrace a changed mindset and continue implementing, refining, and enforcing these beliefs as part of an ongoing post-learning path. Their highly innovative programs created by Sandler professionals have been tested and proven effective for over 50 years and are still applicable today.

ADNOC Technical Academy

ADNOC Technical Academy is a training center founded in 1978 that offers children from the Emirati nation specialized technical training in the oil and gas sector. The Academy is a large, purpose-built campus with cutting-edge facilities, including fully stocked workshops, contemporary classrooms, science labs, DCS simulation centers, and laboratories for each specialization to several pilot training plants. It is wholly owned and sponsored by ADNOC Group Companies.

HNI Training & Coaching

H.N.I. Training & Coaching is an innovator and leader in human capital development, providing world-class corporate training solutions and services in English and Arabic organizations in the Middle East and North Africa. In a short period, H.N.I. Training & Coaching has become one of the leading regional players in Training and development. They are proficient in providing short courses in U.A.E., Dubai, and other Middle Eastern & North African countries.

Biz Group

Biz Group is home to 60 professionals who still share Hazel’s original vision. People are and will continue to be at the heart of everything they do: their products, events, and learning journeys. Naturally, this passion for people led to their brand promise to change how people think and work daily.

Since 1993 they have grown into much more than a training company. They’re proud to say they’ve worked with hundreds of leading Middle Eastern companies, helping them to overcome their business challenges and transform their organizations.